• MyJobPlanet is a job portal created in order to provide an accessible platform for both candidates and employers.

  • However, we are aware they are scammers individuals that target job seekers.

    If you come across a job ad that looks suspicious, please contact us here with the name of the company and job offer in details for us to check it out.

  • Click on the tab “Sign up” and choose whether you are a Candidate or an Employer.


    If you are a Candidate, enter your user name, your email address, your work specialization(s) and phone number. Click on ‘Sign up’. You will receive an email to confirm your registration.


    If you are an Employer, enter the user name, email and the name of your company. Select your work specialization(s), phone number and click on ‘Sign up”. Once your profile is reviewed and accepted, you will receive an email notification to confirm.


    The system automatically will send a validation email to your email address to confirm that the email address is correct. 

  • Candidates looking for a job can register on MyJobPlanet to search for job opportunities through various criteria. They can upload their resume and fill in their profile to apply quickly or get seen by employers.

  • Employers and recruiters can create their own profile on MyJobPlanet and have the ability to post multiple job offers, manage and shortlist resumes, download candidates CV and so on. 

  • If you are looking for a job but don’t necessarily want to apply right now, you can shortlist the job position to have it saved in your profile so that you can consult it later and apply if wanted.

    As well, the option to shortlist allows the candidate to review different job positions and compare before applying.

  • Under the job posting, you will find a ‘Apply for this job’. Click on it and both your profile and resume will be available to the employer for reviewing.

    The employer will contact you directly if you are shortlisted for an interview. Before you apply, ensure that your profile is complete and ready for job application.


  • Once you applied to the position, it is up to the Employer to contact you, should they be interested in moving forward with your application.
  • There is no fee required to register on the website. You only get charged if you choose to purchase one of our package deals (coming soon).

  • Make sure you are login in under the correct tab, as either Employer or Candidate as your login will only be accepted by the correct tab.

    If the error persists, please email us at


  • Please click on the Sign in tab and look for "Forgotten Password". You can enter your email address or username to receive an email with a link on how to reset your password.


  • Login to your account and you will find on your profile page a tab named “Change your password”. Enter your previous and new password and click Update.


  • All positions will be online until their deadline date, as filled in during the job posting.

  • It is pretty simple. 

    All you have to do is: 

    1.  Login with your Employer profile
    2.  Click on Post a new Job and enter all required information, from job details to settings.
    3.  Once everything is filled out, click on Post job.
    4.  Your position will be reviewed & approved by us as soon as possible.
    5.  Once it is published, you can find your job offer in the “Manage Jobs” tab

  • Yes you can use your company’s logo as your profile picture to make it easier for candidates to recognize you. For that, go to your Employer’s profile and choose your logo as your profile picture in JPEG or PNG format.

  • You can close your position anytime by clicking on the “Manage Jobs’ tab and you will see next to each position the option to “Remove Job”.

  • If you want to be made aware of every new job offer in your field without having to constantly search and refresh, you can program a job alert. For that, go on the tab ‘Search for jobs’ and tailor your research to what you are looking for in terms of keywords and specializations or even advanced research with even more options.

    Once you are satisfied with the requirements, you can fill in the tab ‘Email me job like these’ at the top of the search results. You can also have access to your job alerts in your Profile.

  • Next to each information you have filled out is the option to either edit or delete it. Go on the information you want to modify, click on ‘Edit’ and ‘Update’.


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